Auto/Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents whether they are low impact or a high speed collision can cause significant damage to your spinal column and the proper alignment. Many times there is a whiplash injury associated with the car accident. Whiplash is a relatively common injury that occurs to a person's neck following a sudden acceleration-deceleration force, most commonly from motor vehicle accidents. The term "whiplash injury" describes damage to both the bone structures and soft tissues, while "whiplash associated disorders" describes a more severe and chronic condition. If this goes uncorrected it can lead to early degeneration in your cervical spine and neck. While some people involved in minor motor vehicle accidents recover quickly without any chronic symptoms, others may not experience symptoms right away, but develop symptoms months to years later. This can lead to chronic and permanent damage to the spine and nervous system.

Each individual case of whiplash is different; it is not possible to generalize about chiropractic treatment. The appropriate chiropractic treatment strategy is unique to each whiplash injury and is directed at the primary dysfunctions detected during the examination and x-rays. However, we commonly employ the following chiropractic treatments for whiplash including chiropractic spinal adjustments which is the primary treatment for joint dysfunction. We gently adjust the subluxations or misalignments into the direction in which it is restricted and may involve the application of a short thrust in that direction. This allows for the nerves to flow without interference to your tissues, organs and muscles, therefore allowing your body to heal without having to take unnecessary drugs and have unnecessary surgery. We will also work with restoring your proper cervical neck curve by having you do cervical compression extension traction. This will helps to correct and stabilize your muscles and ligaments from the whiplash injury.

Rehabilitation exercises are also prescribed and taught to be done at home or at a health club to stabilize the condition and prevent it from returning. Massage therapy is often recommended for the damage that occurred to the muscles tendons and ligaments. Massage therapy will help speed up the healing process by decreasing inflammation, stress and strain with damage that occurred to the postural muscles in your neck and back along with any extremity problems that may have occurred.

We will work with your auto insurance company so that you can get the care that you need. It is very important to get your spine checked as soon as possible after a car accident so you do not end up suffering from these injuries, which if left untreated can lead to chronic pain, stiffness, premature degeneration, decreasing the quality of life that was intended for you.