Cervical Traction

The ligamentous structures which bind and hold the vertebrae do not optimally change as quickly with rapid loading forces such as those administered during adjustments. The primary purpose of cervical compression extension traction is to provide a long duration deformation force to those soft tissues that have adapted to a patient's subluxated posture.

The optimal curve in your neck from a side view is a 43 degree curve. The proper curve in the neck allows the spinal cord to be in the proper position and not be stretched due to forward head posture or loss of curve. In our office we utilize compression extension cervical traction to help restore the proper curve.

Cervical compression extension traction can be applied in a variety of ways. We have specially designed traction chairs which enable you to begin changing the structure and physiology of your neck and neck muscles with the long duration deformation force. This is achieved by having a weight exert a force, which forces your neck into extension and a forehead strap to reinforce the position. Patients absolutely love how they feel once their neck curve begins to go back into the proper position.

We start out slowly and build up to more of a tolerance. Patients are tractioned for up to ten minutes in the office and are given home spinal supports that work in conjunction with traction and act as a spinal reconstructive program. As evidence of the success of this method, a recent controlled clinical trial demonstrated an average increase in the cervical lordosis of 13.5 degrees versus no statically significant change in the control group. For additional research go to: IdealSpine.com