Colic in Babies

Many parents get their infants checked by a pediatrician, but never have a thorough evaluation of the child's spine. The spine is the master controller of everything that happens and is happening in the body. When the baby is checked for misalignments and they are corrected this will help not only as an infant, but will also help prevent many health problems from rising as an adolescent and through their adult life. We have years of experience working with infants with very favorable results. We have been featured on My Fox 9 News treating infants and colic.

Chiropractor Helps Cure Colic in Babies

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Blaine, Minn.- Controversial technique boasts many success stories
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BLAINE -- A colicky baby can cause a parent to do just about anything to calm their child down. It's been controversial for years -- but more and more parents are taking their infants to chiropractors who say they can help their child with just a few weeks of therapy.

Jennifer Cahill says 3-month-old Ava would keep her up at night crying and fussing.

"It's really stressful. My husband and I would take turns holding her and trying to soothe her."

So Jennifer took a friend's advice and brought Ava to Hart Family Chiropractic in Blaine, MN.

Dr. Anthony Hart specializes in calming colicky babies. He first started seeing Ava when she was 3-weeks-old, checking her for misalignments.

Dr. Hart starts with the back, moves to the hips, and finishes on the neck. It's a process that appears painful, but is very gentle and safe.

Dr. Hart believes during the birthing process, babies' necks and backs are sometimes injured, disrupting the nervous system. He believes a disruption in that system causes colic.

"We go in there and get the pressure off the bone causing pressure on the brain stem, and it allows the body to get back into balance and flow the way God's designed the body to work."

Jennifer now swears by Dr. Hart's actions. "She's just the calmest baby in the world, she rarely cries now, she's so happy. Amazing. A totally different kid."

Check with your own pediatrician for more information.