Digital X-Rays

We have the latest technology in the field of x-ray equipment. We have a Summit Direct Digital Radiographic System in the office. This allows us to take your x-rays with the best quality possible, with the lowest amount of radiation on the market today. The acquired digital image appears on the system's display allowing for immediate positioning verification and diagnosis. Digital images are processed and ready to send to a printer or save for later review with a few keystrokes.

The patented, single CCD direct digital receptor captures the highest resolution images available. More than 16 million pixels digitized at 14 bits per pixel produces 16,384 shades of gray. This excellent dynamic range allows discovery of pathology you might not see with other systems. The 17" x 17" (43 cm x 43 cm) image area is the industry's largest and provides for easy patient positioning. Maximum efficiency and lower radiation dose is ensured by the Chiropractic DXR's high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE is an industry measure of digital image quality).

The x-ray equipment that we have in our office does not use the cassettes and there is no film processing. An image appears on the computer screen about six to eight seconds after the image is shot. The greatest effect of having an immediate image is that it allows us to immediately see that a quality and diagnostic image was taken.

It also allows us to process and begin marking your x-rays so that we can explain in detail what we see from your x-ray findings. When we are looking at your x-rays we are looking for the proper structural alignment, and proper curves in your neck, mid back and low back. These curves are easily measured to exact degrees on your digital x-rays.

When we go over your x-rays with you and explain how chiropractic can help any conditions that you may have, you will be given a copy of your x-rays so that you can clearly see any alignment issues, early or advanced levels of degeneration, bone spurs or arthritis that may be developing in your spine or extremities. We will then know what needs to be done to prevent, stop or slow done this process.