Disabled People

We have been treating patients with disabilities since 1991. We utilize top of the line adjusting tables to accommodate all types of people and our clinic is wheelchair accessible. We have had many patients with surgical rods and patients who have and are in wheelchairs that have benefited greatly from our care. We treat patients with autism, downs syndrome, and sufferers of seizures. Dr. Hart's brother was paralyzed in a skiing accident so he has first hand knowledge of how to treat and take care of your disability. A disability may occur during a person's lifetime or may be present from birth. A physical impairment is any disability which limits the physical function of limbs or fine or gross motor ability. We follow a process of identifying the impairment and its limitations and take the necessary action to improve the position of the disabled person.

In the United States, Americans with disabilities constitute the third-largest minority. There were 32 million disabled adults (aged 18 or over) in the United States, plus another 5 million children and youth (under age 18) according to the census bureau. Disability can be measured in many ways. The medical model is presented as viewing disability as a problem of the person, directly caused by disease, trauma, or other health condition which therefore requires sustained medical care provided in the form of individual treatment by professionals. In the medical model, management of the disability is aimed at assisting the individual to function at or near pre-disability status, or the individual's adjustment and behavioral change that would lead to a feeling of wellness.

We look forward to serving you or your loved one with the utmost care and treatment to help facilitate there bodies healing potential to the highest level possible.