DOT Physicals

At Hart Family Chiropractic, D.O.T. physical exams can be scheduled conveniently for your organization. Hart Family Chiropractic is part of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Dr. Joshua Jones is a Certified Drug Screening Professional (CDSP) and operates under the Federal guidelines for performing DOT drug testing and physical examinations. He received his certification from Northwestern Health Sciences University issued by the International Academy of Chiropractic Occupational Health Consultants.

You can call to schedule an appointment or come by our office to set up an appointment. Also upon request; we can perform these services at your organization if approved by management. This way you can have all of your drivers get them done at the same time in a convenient location.

The DOT physical exam helps certify that a driver does not have any physical, mental or organic condition that might affect his or her ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. The exam incorporates the required medical assessment (including vision, hearing, blood pressure/pulse and urine specimen testing, and review of medical history) and includes the DOT medical card.

Price: $70.00 and includes: Consultation, examination, urinalysis testing protein, blood, sugar and specific gravity.