Fatigue is a weariness caused by exertion. It can describe a range of afflictions, varying from a general state of lethargy to a specific work-induced burning sensation within one's muscles. Fatigue can be the loss or inability to complete one's daily functions. Fatigue can refer to muscle weakness and a general sense of tiredness or low energy. Fatigue or low energy is a very common condition. It can range from awakening in the morning with a chronic tired feeling to a severe physical and psychological depression characterized by a total lack of pleasure or sense of fulfillment. Fatigue is a warning: it is one of the earliest signs that something in our lives, physical or emotional, is not right.

A common cause of fatigue is an unbalanced spinal column. How? If your spine is out of its proper alignment all day, your body is constantly exerting a force to adapt to the misalignment. All your muscles are adapting to your improper alignment. Stress, lack of sleep and other emotional factors can also cause a decrease in your energy level.

When we correct and adjustment your spine back into the proper alignment we are restoring your proper nerve function, allowing your body to function and heal properly. In effect, chiropractic care heals a broken bridge between your brain and the rest of your body so that you are functioning, healing and have the most energy possible.

Many times your energy level or lack of energy can be due to some nutritional deficiencies. We carry top quality; GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, nutritional supplements which can also help boost your energy. Depending on factors such as stress, sleep and exercise, we can help find the best fit for diet, exercise, and nutritional needs.