Foot Orthotics

Your feet assume three crucial functions: they support your body whenever you stand, walk, or run; they assist you in achieving movement from one place to another; and they help protect your bones and soft tissues from damaging shock stress as you move. Many factors can contribute to foot pain including being overweight, having minor structural defects in the feet, or a specific injuries. If the foundation of your feet is "off" this will affect your ankles, knees, hips, and spine which can lead to unnecessary drugs and surgery.

Pronation is considered the most common foot problem. If your problem is pronation, some of the bones of the foot drop to a less stable position because the foot arches are too weak to keep them in proper alignment. The arches themselves may be unnaturally stretched ("flat feet"), and stress on the entire foot increases. This can lead to foot pain

Another common problem, one that is often found along with pronation is plantar fascitis, a stress irritation to the sheath of elastic tissues running nearly the entire length of the foot. If not treated, either condition can lead to progressive development of foot malfunction and discomfort. Feet can become "tired and achy" or experience a burning pain, and walking can begin to feel "clumsy" as you try to move your foot in a way that avoids further pain. Foot pain means that you should make an appointment to see your healthcare professional right away.

We can assess your foot arch and structure properly with our state of the art arch digital foot scanner, as well as watching your gait or walking pattern and looking at your foot. We will assess your foot structure and adjust any misalignments to help with the proper movement. Depending on the severity of pronation or supination in your foot, we would recommend a custom build pelvic stabilizer also known as a foot orthotic.

We have many different styles of foot orthotics made by Footlevelers. You can choose from the Elite Collection, Extreme Collection, Ultra Collection, Our Original Stabilizers, 5th Avenue Collection, WorkWear Collection, and Specialty Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers. Each collection is specifically designed for specific use. Also your Orthotic is custom built based on your digital foot scan.