Hot Flashes & Menopause

A Safe Approach That Works!

Up to 80% of menopausal women suffer from hot flashes or other symptoms that can profoundly affect quality of life. While hormone therapies may offer effective relief, they carry many risks. Estrovera provides effective, reliable hot flash relief. Estrovera has been clinically shown to provide significant hot flash relief without the dangerous side affects associated with hormone therapies. Not only does Estrovera provide hot flash relief but it has relieved many other menopausal symptoms, including: irritability, anxiety, poor mood, physical and mental exhaustion, sleep disturbances, urinary tract symptoms, and vaginal dryness. Estrovera can be used in both perimenopause and post menopause, If you suffer from menopausal symptoms Estrovera may be the answer.

Estrorvera is a special extract of Siberian rhubarb known as ERr731 which contains a unique phytoestrogen that has been clinically tested and shown to significantly reduce menopausal hot flashes. But unlike hormone therapies, it has no reported serious adverse effects. Additionally, ERr731 dramatically outperforms phytoestrogens derived from soy and red clover. It has shown a 75% reduction in daily hot flashes and has been widely recommended by healthcare providers in Germany since 1993.