Initial Exam

When you come to our office at Hart Family Chiropractic you will experience the best care we can provide. After arriving for your first visit, you enjoy the friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere. After completing some simple paperwork to help the doctor understand the history of your health, you'll meet the doctor to begin searching for the cause of your problems.

Your brain and spinal cord controls all function and healing in your body. We look to see if that spine is lining up properly and want to make sure there is not pressure on the spinal nerves which can cause symptoms. When you are having symptoms, they are your body's way of telling you something is wrong. If there is a misalignment of the spine or vertebrae, it can cause interference of the Central Nervous System. We call this misalignment a Subluxation. Our goal in your exam is to assess your spine for Subluxations.

We will review your health history and determine if your problem is likely to be helped with chiropractic care. If it is, a thorough examination usually follows. We start by checking your range of motion, seeing what your ability is to turn and bend, test your reflexes, perform some standard orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic tests. We will also check the tone and tension of your spinal muscles, starting in your neck, mid back and low back. Next we will perform a spinal nerve scan, with our Insight Millenium Subluxation Station. This allows us to see how much interference there is upon that nervous system. Based upon findings in the exam and spinal nerve scan there may be a need to take X-rays to get a more definitive view of your spine and nervous system. We have state of the art digital X-ray equipment in our office which provides us with the best available images. We will study the results of these examinations and explain what they mean, and determine care based on those findings. If we don't feel we can help we will get you to a doctor that can.