Massage Chairs

We have the multi-patented Human Touch Technology massage chairs that so closely replicates the therapeutic techniques used by back and spinal care professionals that it is the preferred technology of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. It is designed to follow the natural contour of your spine, and mover three-dimensionally in four different modes.

The massage chairs do what you tell it, allowing you to customize its every movement to satisfy your personal preferences. Choose from two expertly designed 15-minute massage sessions, just lie back on the ergonomic headrest and let the rotating calf and foot massager kick all the tension and stress to the curb. The beautifully designed, virtually maintenance-free massage chair delivers the ultimate robotic massage, whenever and however you want.

Massage Chair Features:

  • Quad roller/three motor robot
  • Full-body stretching
  • 3 Back massage programs (upper, lower, and full)
  • Penetrating neck massage
  • 3 Levels of massage width control
  • Power footrest
  • 3 Shoulder height adjustments
  • 170 Degree recline
  • 'Deep Well' calf and foot massage
  • Visco elastic foam seat cushion
  • Cloth 'soft window' for more intense neck massage
  • Auto-restorer (back upright/footrest down
  • Digital countdown timer
  • Two-layer folded design head pillow
  • Multi-function thumb joystick backrest and footrest control
  • Ergonomically designed remote control
  • Includes softening pad

Massage Chair Functions:

Rolling: Feels like the gentle hands of a massage therapist, pressing firmly on one side of your spine. It relieves tension and loosens the muscles to prepare your back for deeper massage.

Kneading: Feels like thumbs pressing firmly in a circular motion on both sides of the spine. This therapeutic motion goes deeper, lifting and stretching muscles to improve circulation.

Kneading and Percussion: In this function, three motors are employed to give you a vigorous deep-tissue massage. This is the most intense, aggressive massage available.

Compression: (HTT exclusive) Feels like the heels of a professional therapist's hands firmly pushing on your muscles alongside your spine , and inward toward the spine itself. This mode aids in improving mobility and posture.

Percussion: Feels like fists or the edge of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. This is the deep muscle therapy popular in sports medicine. It flexes spinal joints, relieves pressure, and invigorates your entire back.

Full-Body Stretching: The calf massage wells will gently hold your legs as the chair reclines to arch your back and engage a gentle body stretching program with an active massage of your lower back.

Rotating Multi-Speed Foot and Calf Massager: Feels like strong hands providing a powerful three-dimensional massage for your calves and feet.

Manual Up/Down: Manually moves massage rollers to desired location for kneading, compression and percussion.

Let the stress in your body be lifted as the massage chair takes away all of your aches, pains, discomfort and stress!