Melissa Singh


Massage Therapist January 8, 2024

She is as excited as she is humbled for the occasion to work with you! If you prefer, call her Mel.

Melissa’s desire to focus on her own wellness prompted a shift from work as a finance paraprofessional to a soft tissue manual therapist. She completed a Massage Therapy Certificate program through The Massage School in Saint Paul, MN in 2023.

She recognizes that when a client can settle into a restful mind and body state where their awareness can sense disconnection, that this is an informative opening for her as a therapist to collaborate with the client for an effective treatment. She seeks to engage relaxation of the nervous system by gently approaching the dermis, then tailor session to each client’s need working deeper underlying tissues with techniques and pressure suitable to their comfort.

Whether a client ultimate goal is to enhance tactile awareness, restore pliability of muscles or extend range of motion, Melissa hopes that each session facilitates a sense of coherence.

In her off time she enjoys basking in the sun, gardening, dancing, hanging out around bodies of water – rivers and sandy beaches, and road trips.