Success Stories

General Pain

Last August (2005) I took my nephews to Valley Fair; something happened on one of those spinner, upside down snap you around rides. I thought I was having heart problems so I decided before going to the heart doctor I'd go see Dr Hart. He put me on a plan and between him and his staff I feel better than I have in years. I didn't realize I could feel this good! I plan to continue with a maintenance plan for good insurance. Thank you all for your "harted" work.

General Pain

Hi Doc! Sunday morning I awoke to major pain. I iced all day and took a total of 4 aspirin. Rested and worked to diminish the inflammation. It was one of my worst episodes. Had a very good visit to your office this morning. Dr Jones did a wonderful job! When I left I could stand straight and felt such relief. I really believe I am 90% recovered! Great office! Thanks.

Knee Pain

Dear Dr. Hart, I wanted to take a moment and recognize Dr. Hart and Hart Family Chiropractic. In April, I began to have swelling in my left knee. I did not think much of it I just thought it was due to the long hours that I had been on my feet working. Time began to pass and the swelling started to increase. Then the swelling began in my right knee. By the end of the month both knees were filled up with so much fluid I could barely walk. I made an appointment with a Rheumatologist to have him examine my knees. He would drain the fluid out of both knees and within an hour both knees would be filled up with fluid again. He did his exam, blood tests, MRI's, ect. and he could not figure out what was wrong. As spring turned to summer I had seen over three specialists that could not figure it out. The pain was so unbearable it had caused me to take a leave of absence from work. I spent the next month on the couch in constant pain and taking pain pills to the point that I really did not know what I was doing. I had given up hope and had lost all respect for medical doctors. In late July, my cousin had called me and said he thought it would be a great idea if I went to see his chiropractor Dr. Tony Hart. I was hesitant because I did not see the connection. I did however make an appointment with his office that week and from the beginning I was blown away. He first sat me down to consult with me to see what was going on. He explained to me how the nervous system worked and showed me how many nerves our body has. He showed great concern and understanding in my health and made me feel like a person not a number. He then put me on his scales and found that I was walking 6 lbs heavier on my left side, and I was out of adjustment. He adjusted me two times and fit me for feet orthotics. Within two days the fluid had disappeared and I was pain free. Not only was I pain free I felt like I was on top of the world. No more drugs, no more pain, no more swelling, and I was back to work. He gave me my life back and I can't thank him enough. He is an amazing doctor and deserves to be recognized for his work. You guys are AWESOME!!

Chronic Pain

When I first started Hart Chiropractic, I was using a walker and a cane and inches from having to be in a wheel chair. I was taking 9 different pain medications for chronic pain, osteoarthritis in my neck, spine, hands, knees, lower back, hips and feet; herniated discs, which many were bone on bone and bone spurs, which caused my spine to curve and my right hip to be higher than my left hip. I have been having treatments for 14 weeks, and my x-rays have shown a VAST improvement. I feel and move so much better. I am also off ALL of the pain medications, and no longer have to use my cane or a walker. Thank you Dr. Hart and Dr. Daniels!

Dear Dr. Hart, Thank you very much for caring for my family. You are more than just our Dr. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thanks so much for helping Beth get well, you wouldn't believe how much she has grown. I think her body is finally getting well enough to spend some energy on growing, she has shot up like crazy. Her hair too, its grown at least 3 or 4" almost before our eyes. Anyway, thanks so much! I still haven't found a Chiro, but we are still getting settled & I'm praying that we find one as wonderful as you! When you think of us may it encourage you in your practice & your life, because you have truly blessed ours & will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Dr. Harts Challenge, Gary is a mentally challenged 59 year old male, confined to a wheelchair after four unsuccessful knee replacements for the right knee. Gary has a history of problems with swallowing and frequent aspiration pneumonia. Suddenly, beginning January 1st, Gary was unable to swallow for four days. It had been about six months of severe coughing and pneumonia that would not clear up. An emergency dilatation of the esophagus was performed. We were told there was no constriction as previously, but the procedure did enable Gary to swallow small quantities of broth and very soft food. During the next four to five weeks, several sophisticated tests were performed and the conclusion was reached that the ONLY RECOURSE was to INSERT A FEEDING TUBE into the stomach and close the esophagus. Refusing this solution, we were told that this might lead to a fatal heart attack or suffocation. We were devastated, but adamant that there was that there has to be another solution as this would take away what little quality of life Gary had left. A close friend was seeing Dr. Hart's colleague. She described Gary's medical history and final diagnosis. Due to geographical location, he recommended Dr. Hart. Our initial visit to Dr. Hart was on February 13. After hearing our dilemma, Dr. Hart remarked, "I enjoy a challenge". Much to our disbelief, after just a couple treatments, Gary began to improve. A few treatments later, the coughing stopped and Gary was able to sleep laying down, instead of propped up for ease of breathing. Swallowing has improved so greatly that we have ventured eating out, without the continual fear that the next bite will not go down. Our family physician is just astonished with the improvement and says to CONTINUE WHAT WE ARE DOING. To date, I think Gary has had only 12 treatments. Many, many thanks to Dr Hart.


A long-standing muscle problem for which I had not been able to find help brought me, in near desperation, to Hart Family Chiropractic (thanks to my daughter's recommendation). But, that's a work making good progress and not what I want to write about. Rather, it's the "side benefits" of the spinal adjustment program that Dr. Hart designed for me. Some very recognizable and others not so apparent, but resulting harmoniously in improving bodily function. For many years late summer allergies, particularly ragweed and goldenrod, have resulted in a sore nose and teary, itchy eyes. This year, fields rich with these weeds surrounding our home had no effect on me! And I am even a better driver! Now I can turn my head to the left and right, increasing my ability to size up driving situations. In addition, my mind is sharper - no "brain fog". I have always enjoyed thinking through and solving problems. Memory is improved too. Ability to fall asleep at night is also improved. Needless to say, I am functioning closer to my optimum and am much happier for it, thanks to Dr. Hart's expertise, care and helpful team.

Allergies, Headaches & Sinus Issues

I have been going to Hart Family Chiropractic for approximately six months. Before I started going to Hart Family Chiropractic I would get severe headaches on a daily basis, and suffered from allergies and sinus problems. After three weeks of treatment, going in three times per week, I no longer got headaches, and my allergies and sinus problems have improved. I feel I have more energy now than I had before.


I have suffered from migraine headaches for over 20 years. During those 20 years I have tried it all prescription medications, over the counter medications, allergy tests, etc. My headaches would put me down and out for the entire day until I finally could fall asleep. These headaches were so severe I couldn't handle noise, light, eating and most of the time it would take hours to get to sleep. I remember being a child, and the pain was so bad that I just couldn't stand it I actually got to the point sometimes of hitting myself in the head. However, I did find one thing that worked for me most of the time, which was Excedrin as long as I took it at the onset of my headache and sometimes that wouldn't work. After numerous years of taking 20 pills of Excedrin per week on average, I knew it was time to try to find something to cure these headaches or I'm going to continue to tear my stomach up and get ulcers and who knows what else. It was the summer of 2009 when I ran across the Hart Family Chiropractic booth at Blaine's Blazing 4th carnival. They were offering exams on the spot so I figured I had nothing to lose. I found out that my "arc of life" (the arc of the spine in the back of your neck) was at an angle of -11 degrees, and this arc should be at 43 degrees, so my spine was out of position by 54 degrees. Dr Hart and his team put me on a treatment plan including traction and regular adjustments (traction focuses on improving your "arc of life"). My arc of life has improved significantly thus ELIMINATING MY HEADACHES COMPLETELY!!! Dr Hart and Dr Daniels are extremely good chiropractors, and just as important, they make sure that they educate their patients! Ellen (office manager) is absolutely great in working with the patients so that they understand the insurance/billing side of everything! The (scheduler) is always pleasant and offers an EXTREMELY flexible schedule! Also, the massages are great! Chiropractic is the ANSWER, not just for headaches!

Leg Pain

I had so much pain in my left leg I was advised to go see Dr. Tony Hart, so I went. In the weeks I have gone the pain has completely left me. I am so relieved!

Shoulder, Neck & Back

I came to Hart Family Chiropractic not really knowing what to expect. After talking with Dr. Hart and staff I decided to give chiropractic care a shot for my shoulder/neck/back pain. It's probably one of the best decisions I could have made. My shoulders/neck/back rarely bothers me anymore!

Kids Care

Hey Rachelle, Today was great and I had to report on what an awesome job your husband did with us! I've never seen him in action at work and only know Tony as the life of the party-type-fun guy; I loved seeing a different side to him this morning! He took us into his office to go over the x-rays and information from Sam's initial checkup and he explained everything in such a great fatherly way that was easy to understand. All the while, he spoke to Sam and showed him what was going on and gave analogies to help him comprehend. He did an awesome job. And he gave me a hug at the end; what a swell guy! We've been to a number of chiropractors around here and in Mazatlan, and Tony outshined them all! I was impressed with the technology he uses, the way he explained things, and the way he related to us-especially Sam. God's given him a real niche there with chiropractic and a ministry to help people, so neat to see! So how's that for a good report on your husband?! Hope you have a great day!

Kids Care

Since coming to see Dr. Anthony Hart my six year old daughter used to be a chronic bed wetter. Now she no longer wets the bed and she is much happier.


I just had a massage there. It was a fantastic experience! A very beautiful office, great staff. My therapist had a fantastic therapeutic approach. I have a lot of tension, sore muscles and trigger points that needed to be worked on. She customized my massage so that we got each area and I'm on the road to recovery! Thanks so much!!!


Dear Dr. Hart and Staff, Joan and I thank you for participating in our Health Fair on November 20th. You were a welcome addition to our fair. Thank you very much for your expertise, massages and helpful hints. Thanks for helping us out!


I brought my 7 week old daughter in for an adjustment to see if it would help with her colic. After the first treatment I saw a noticeable difference in her temperament crying spells. She slept better and longer and was overall more content. Dr. hart was incredibly gentle with my daughter and explained each procedure and what it's benefits were during the adjustment.


After four months of constant headaches and several thousand dollars of emergency room and doctor bills with no relief, I finally visited Dr. Hart on the advice of a friend. I was very skeptical of chiropractic treatment, but I am now a believer! I am now about three months into treatment and have had ZERO headaches since I started! I was able to get off the drugs I had been taking and am feeling great! Starting chiropractic treatment was the best decision I have ever made! The staff here is fantastic and I would recommend Hart Family Chiropractic to everyone!


Before I started chiropractic care I used to get at least two headaches per month. I have been coming to Hart Family Chiropractic for two months now and have only had one headache. I feel less stress and more energized. Thanks Dr. Hart and staff for the great care!


After 3 months of chiropractic care I had great results of the change of the curvature of my spine, but best of all I have been medicine free from reoccurring headaches. For years I battled hormonal headaches monthly and would take Immitrex 2-3 times per month. Since starting treatment in April I have not had that type of headache and never once took my medicine. Thanks to the care I'm getting in 3 months I've seen a difference and feel so much better. Thanks Docs!


I started Chiropractic visits in October and not only has it given me great relief from my pain, but my outbreaks of psoriasis have become nonexistent. Thanks Drs!!!!


I am wondering where someone can get the Bioveda machine treatment in Baltimore, Maryland for my family who lives out there. I had these treatments in Blaine, MN, and after 20 years I am no longer in pain from fibromylagia and MS. I would like to find a center to send family to. It is the most amazing treatment and I am always telling people about my experience. The person / persons that invented the treatment, Bax Aura, are a blessing in my life. My allergies are gone too! The only pain I have now is from arthritis. I use to take 8 - 12 pain pills a day and now 2-4 (only for arthritic pain). Thank you for changing my life.

Abdominal Pain

I would like to thank "Hart" Family Chiropractic for making me feel great again. I had abdominal pain for about 1 year, I spent several weeks doctoring doing cat scans, upper GI's trying different meds and never finding out why? Now after coming to Hart Family Chiropractic I only get the feeling in my abdomen once a month. Also the improvements he has done on my neck are great as well! Thanks so much!! I had faith that someone with the last name "Hart" could fix me up!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

After experiencing some health issues (tingling in my arms, headaches and sleepless nights) over the last year, I decided to look at what Chiropractic care was all about. I was not getting results from within the medical community, other than the suggestion of surgery for the tingling in my arms (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome). It was while attending the Women's Expo in January that I took advantage of the short massage clinic offered there. After a short conversation with the staff there I decided rather than opt for surgery I was going to try "The Chiropractic", I bought a coupon and was directed to Hart Family Chiropractic that was opening in Blaine. "Boy, am I glad I did!" even though the first visit was abit 'scary', the office was just opening, brown boxes everywhere, but Dr. Hart and his Staff were warm, inviting and reassuring. Well, the office is now beautiful, the boxes are gone and after just a few visits/adjustments SO ARE MY TINGLING ARMS, HEADACHES and SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. I am back to the activities I enjoy and know that I made the right choice. No cuts, stitches or recovery time-just a drug free, surgical free approach to healthy living. I wish I would have found chiropractic care sooner.

Ear Canals & Hearing

I was told my son Bryce's ear canals were rotted from the tubes in his ears, they said he would need reconstructive surgery or he would lose his hearing. Then I met Dr. Hart right before I was supposed to have my son's surgery. Dr. Hart adjusted Bryce for about 2 ½ months. I then brought Bryce to his family physician for a check up. The doctor could not believe what he saw without Bryce having surgery. I am very thankful that my son was able to heal naturally without being subjected to a traumatic surgery. Thanks again for everything!


In April 2011 (at the age of 81), I first saw Dr. Tony Hart for an evaluation and adjustment. At that time I was on 2 prescription drugs for high blood pressure as well as a couple of other prescription drugs; which of course had various side effects. I signed up for Dr. Harts program for regular adjustments and also started taking natural supplements which he recommended. Within one week he took me off of my blood pressure medication (which was replaced with Cardioauxin BP) and I continually monitored my blood pressure which proves to be stable. Within 2 weeks I was also off of all prescription drugs. I have also had high cholesterol and high triglycerides for years. Seven months after being on this program I was due for my annul physical. The amazing results were this: • My cholesterol dropped from 264 to 224 • My triglycerides dropped from 232 to 127 (well within normal range) • My HDL went up from 47 to 56 • My LDL dropped from 170 to 142 My primary doctor said he was very pleased with all of my blood work and told me that I was definitely doing something right. Thanks Dr. Hart!

Senior Care

My name is Lempi and I was born on April 11, 1914, and I turn 91 on April 11, 2005. I am Dr. Hart's Grandmother. After he graduated from college and the Chiropractic school, he received his license. I started going to him at once, I was so certain he would be successful. At the time Dr. Hart moved into his present establishment, I had a bad accident. I was standing on a step ladder in my garage, reaching up to attach a hanging plant to a nail in the ceiling. The ladder had one leg shorter than the others. It tipped over and I crashed onto the concrete, severely injuring my neck. In my mind I only had one recourse, and that was to see Dr. Tony. He worked on my neck until it healed. I decided then I would go to Dr. Hart every month, for the rest of my life. He made me feel so good. I live in my own home, do all of my own work, drive my car, cook, bake, garden and attend every event plus exercising.

Improved Energy

I'd like to say a couple things about Dr. Hart & the treatment I've received from him. He is generous with his time; he has gone out of his way to address my chiropractic & nutritional needs. Other doctors could have charged more, with Tony it's just part of the process. With his adjustments, I feel a real difference in my physical, energetic & emotional balance. Sometimes the difference is subtle, sometimes sudden, but a lways deep. Dr Hart is a "hands on" healer in the real sense. In the chiropractic tradition a holistic & integrated catalyst. I look forward to seeing him & enjoy his sense of humor. He's my chiropractor & buddy in good health. Let him know what you need. He'll be there!

Accident Recovery

Dr. Tony & Staff - I wanted to extend my 'thanks' to you and your staff for the superb treatment I received at your clinic after my accident. My experience was very positive - I found each visit to be extremely comfortable and helpful. I will definitely be back in the future should I require your services. Thank you!

Kids Care

Dr. Anthony Hart has worked miracles in my son Aaron's life. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet a doctor who is especially trust worthy and exceptionally skilled in his profession. My son Aaron had a continuous ear infection when he was 9 months old. We were scheduled to get tubes in his ears. My husband had run into Dr. Hart one day and explained our dilemma. He asked my husband to bring Aaron into his office and allow him to work on Aaron. After 6 weeks of treatment, Aaron has never had another ear infection. For about the past two years, Aaron has been experiencing migraine headaches. His neurologist prescribed a preventative medicine as well as Imitrex spray. Due to all the medication, I was very concerned about the side affects Aaron had been experiencing. On last resort, I again brought him to the Hart Family Clinic. I am so happy to say that Aaron is medication free and has not had a migraine headache in 3 weeks. Dr. Hart is a miracle worker in our eyes. We are so grateful to have gained trust and received success from Dr. Hart. My child's future was in his hands and now we experienced a victory that nothing can compare to.

Pain & Scoliosis

I first came to Hart Family Chiropractic the third week of February with severe pain between my shoulder blades. The pain began around November, when I began missing more and more time from work. "Maybe," I thought, "I need to go to the gym. I haven't been there in a few weeks." Well, my usual stretching and weight lifting exercises were only marginally helpful, and by February I was down to working less than half time at my computer programming job because of the pain. I began to consider going into a different line of work. Fortunately, my company allows me to come and go as I please, but half time work means, of course, only half pay. Why did I not bother to try medical doctors? For one thing, with my insurance coming and going over the years, my medical care becomes irregular and I start to dread the thought of shopping for yet another doctor. In addition, I guess I'm old fashioned, for I worry about calling up a "specialist," such as an orthopedist, without referral from a "general practitioner." With chiropractic being a different sort of animal, I felt comfortable choosing it for myself and making an appointment without referral. The x-rays and initial evaluation here confirmed what I had already known for decades: my spine wiggled all over the place, my left leg is about an inch and a quarter words, I showed up here with some congenital deformities and a lovely case of scoliosis. Dr. Hart told me of success with another scoliotic patient, but I was skeptical in my case because I really do have a short leg. I was primarily interested in eliminating the shoulder pains, not the old scoliosis. When I was fifteen, my pediatrician referred me to a place in the Twin Cities I remember as the Scoliosis Clinic. X-rays were taken and my legs were measured. I remember one of the x-rays showed a fourteen-degree angle somewhere. The scoliosis doctor had me wear a very thick sole on the bottom of my left shoe, and he told me that if wearing the thick sole for a couple months would not straighten out my back, he would implant a rod in my back. I knew jolly well I did not want a rod up my back. After all, my back wasn't even bothering me. But more importantly, with my funny leg and hip, I worried about how well I'd be able to walk and sit if I were to have a rod fixing my back in an unnaturally rigid configuration. Somehow the rod idea didn't seem to make good sense structurally. I stood as straight as I could at my next appointment, enough to bring that angle down to seven degrees, and luckily never did get a rod. I continued to wear a thick sole, of course, but the thick, awkward sole caused me to sprain my ankle every few months. Tired of going about with a perpetually swollen ankle, I decided at age twenty to take my scoliotic chances and wear regular shoes. I still wear regular shoes, sans funky sole.

Back & Leg Pain

I was referred to Dr. Hart by my massage therapist, whom I had seen at the urging of my sister after having experienced more than three months of increasingly painful back and leg problems. By the time of my appointments with my massage therapist and Dr. Hart, I was in constant pain and was walking crooked, leaning to the right and forward. This painful situation had begun to develop in May and had progressively worsened. I had seen my doctor in June; her evaluation was that the pain in my left leg was due to a lower back problem, and she referred me to a physical therapist. I had eight appointments with the PT in July, during which she did a number of procedures to relieve the lower back problem. She observed that the muscles along my spine were stiff and contracted "like steel"; during the course of my weeks of treatment with her, she gave me a number of exercises to do to relax those muscles. In the process of getting the muscles to relax, my spine went crooked - and the pain in my leg was not relieved. When the PT treatments did not seem to be helping, I had gone back to my usual physician and her associates. They arranged for a CT scan in mid-August, which indicated that I had a herniated disc in my low back that was pinching the nerves to my left leg and causing my pain. They also referred me to a spine surgeon, whose eventual recommendation was that I have surgery to remove the herniation of the disc. It was after getting the results of the CT scan but while waiting for the appointment with the spine surgeon that I came to Dr. Hart. By this time I had been dealign with the constant pain, limited mobility and activity, and the frustration with "my" doctor and the system's lack of concern for several months. And besides being in pain, I was now unable to stand up straight. I had begun taking 200mg of ibuprofen a few times a day near the end of May to control the discomfort that was developing in my leg, so I could enjoy a hiking vacation in the Black Hills over Memorial Day weekend. By the end of August, I was taking 2400mg of ibuprofen or more every day, plus Tylenol with codeine at night to sleep - but even that wasn't successful; I was still awakened every couple hours by the pain. Dr. Hart's evaluation of my x-rays and physical limitations was optimistic that, though the situation was bad, chiropractic treatment and nutritional supplements could bring about a correction of the problems at least to an acceptable level - without surgery. And so I began coming to him three times a week - hopeful that this would work and that I'd begin to feel better. Having never experienced chiropractic treatments before, I had always been a bit skeptical. But I was desperate for something to help correct this awful situation - every aspect of my life was out of sorts, my work attendance and productivity were suffering, and the pain, even with the heavy medication, was almost unbearable. Within a month, I was feeling noticeably better. I was gradually getting straighter and I was more able to move around and do some normal activities without increased pain and fear that I would make things worse. I went back to my massage therapist once a week for a massage - now that I could turn over without assistance. By the middle of October, after six weeks of treatments by Dr. Hart, I decided to table the spine surgeon's suggestion of disc surgery - I was getting better without it, and surgery would be a huge setback. I was able to begin walking a couple of blocks at a time again - an exercise and activity that has always been important to me. When Dr. Hart took x-rays again in November, they showed that my crookedness had diminished by 50% or more and the discs in my lower back were looking better; and I was in significantly less pain. I was able to cut back on the pain medication, and I went down to two chiropractic appointments per week. It is now nearly the end of December. For the most part, I am back to my normal self - able to walk as much as I want to, back to working full time and maintaining my house and yard, and I HAVE NO PAIN. This has been the most amazing change in my health that I have ever experienced, and I am so grateful for what chiropractic and massage therapy have done for me. I truly feel that I have my life back - and I eagerly tell everyone at every opportunity how this has worked for me - it is truly amazing!

Back Pain & Allergies

I would like to share my experience with Dr. Tony Hart and his staff. Over the 9 months since I started seeing Dr. Hart about low back pain, he has healed a condition that has ailed me for over 2 years without even knowing it. It started in the spring of 1998 when I started running to get ready for my annual physical fitness test for the Army National Guard. I was not able to run 3/4 mile without being totally out of breath, at the time I was seeing another chiropractor, my allergy doctor, and even a specialist, nobody could fix it or find out what was causing it. I tried new inhalers and prescriptions but nothing helped. The last time I ran was last fall and still no change. My annual allergy exam is coming up so I thought I would try it one more time about three weeks ago, and let me tell you, without any problem I ran over 1 mile the first day and continued to run for 2 miles 4-5 times a week without breathing problems. I truly believe that Dr. Hart's methods of repairing the whole body and not just the part that is hurting released all the strain and tension that my nerves had on my lungs. I thank you Dr. Hart and your staff, I would definitely recommend you to anybody I know.

Back Pain & Allergies

Kris came to our office after experiencing extreme pain in his low back for 10 years. He was in so much pain that he could not get our of bed, felt tired all day and couldn't even bend over at the waist. He was becoming frustrated because he was not able to work or sleep and was taking a lot of Advil daily to relive his pain. Kris spent most of his free time lying on the couch or in bed due to the extreme intensity of his back pain. Kris had never seen any type of doctor before coming to Hart Family Chiropractic. He felt a noticeable change immediately after his first adjustment. He continues to improve and after one and a half months of care he no longer wakes up with any pain, feels 100% better and spent all day lifting rock, pain free over the weekend. Kris was never able to walk the golf course while golfing. He always required the use of a cart to get around due to his low back pain. Kris thought that he might have to live with this pain the rest of his life. After undergoing treatments for 2 weeks at Hart Family Chiropractic, he was able to golf 18 holes while walking the entire course. His friends were amazed at how well Kris has improved and couldn't believe his increased mobility. Kris highly recommends chiropractic care for anyone suffering from low back pain. Thank you Dr. Hart for all your help.

Rare Disorder

Linda came to Hart Family Chiropractic after having suffered for 25 years from a rare disorder that, without daily medication, caused her to experience muscle spasm, trouble walking, talking and even choking because her muscles "wouldn't contract and respond properly." Linda was told by her neurologist at the University of Minnesota that she would need to take Dilantin, a medication commonly prescribed to prevent seizures in patients with epilepsy, for the remainder of her life. Linda took Dilantin for 25 years to control her symptoms until she was referred to Hart Family Chiropractic by her son Rick. After receiving regular chiropractic care with Dr. Hart, Linda was able to discontinue use of her medication. She now enjoys increased mobility and fewer head and neck aches. In face, Linda says that after being off of the Dilantin for 2 years, she very rarely experiences any neurological or muscle problems. In addition, Linda says that she is now more conscious of proper nutrition to keep her body healthy and uses over-the-counter medications much more sparingly. Linda receives regular spinal adjustments every 2 weeks and believes that chiropractic has improved her quality of life with less interference from over-the-counter and prescription medications.


It all started one day about two years ago. I woke up one morning with my fingers feeling tingly. Eventually, they became numb. I went to my medical doctor and she said I had carpal tunnel and to wear a special wrist band at night, saying that should help. As time went on I just assumed I had carpal tunnel syndrome, and it would be something that I would have to I've with. Eventually my arms became numb along with my hands and not just at night anymore. I had an EMG done to confirm my carpal tunnel diagnosis. I was shocked to find out that it was NOT carpal tunnel at all! The doctor who did my EMG said it was my neck that was causing my problem. That was hard to believe since it didn't seem that my neck ever bothered me! I am so glad I cam to see Dr. Tony and Dr. Craig. The very first time I had an adjustment, the numbness in my hands and arms was gone! I feel like a new person. In learning more about chiropractic care, I realize that many problems I have had in the past could have been helped or maybe not have become a problem at all had I been in the exceptional care at Hart Family Chiropractic. Thank you!


Ingrid came to our office after experiencing severe sinusitis her whole life and stomach problems daily for the past 15 years. Ingrid had sought help from various doctors and was excessively using medications and antacids on a daily basis. She felt a noticeable change with her sinuses clearing up immediately after her first adjustment. Ingrid also began taking a supplement called U.G.I. that Dr. Hart recommended to her for her stomach. Her stomach problems cleared up the first day she began taking the product and she has not had anymore trouble with her stomach symptoms. Ingrid's life was affected everyday by her sinusitis and stomach problems, it had an impact on her work attendance and her social life. She used to be skeptical of chiropractors and now promotes them. Dr. Hart has changed her life by making her happier and healthier.


After 6 months of treatments, I feel better than I have in 3 years.


I started coming here on a co-worker's recommendation after I fell at work. I was having back spasm every morning before coming here. Since my treatments (almost two years ago), I have no more spasms and other things have also gotten better. I have also only had one cold in that time and it didn't last as long as colds in the past (I would usually get 1-2 good colds a year). I am coming here once a month and look forward to every visit and recommend chiropractic care to everyone.


I was pregnant with my second baby. Chiropractic has been very important in my daily health, I continued chiropractic during my first and second pregnancy. During my second pregnancy, Dr. Hart and Dr. Dan mentioned that if interested, they could help to induce my labor. That sounded like a great idea since I do not like taking medicine or adding any chemicals to my body. Dr. Hart performed the induction at noon and by 9 that same night, my labor started. By 3:53 am the next morning I had a beautiful baby girl. Not only did chiropractic help my induction chemical free also helped reduce injury during labor and sped up recovery. Thank you.